Restorations by bona fide craftsmen is a very difficult arena for the uninitiated. Where do you turn?


Silvertone are please to announce we have now amalgamated with Rose-Art for all jobs of a mechanical music nature.
For basic cylinder box restoration contact Phil direct quoting: Silvertone Restorations, for prompt attention.
For all things Disc box related, please contact us direct with your requirements.
From a minimal conservation, to a full on restoration of the case, we supply the blueprint of all requirements to bring the original back up to factory spec, whilst maintaining and retaining existing patination where possible.
If you require a new case, or store bin, for Any instrument, we design and supply to an exacting standard as per original factory spec . For the discerning collector / or museum, new cases / restorations can be sympathetically coloured, polished, and aged to match into any existing.
Alternatively, the work can be supplied at a lower price in the white allowing you to make your own polishing arrangements.

For further details, or if you have any questions, please feel free to call 07774 418 706 / 07905 554 830 or email:

Disc and Cylinder boxes:

In the UK, please send details and photographs or your restoration requirements and we will point you to the Silvertone Accredited Restorer we feel is best suited to you.

Lester Jones  restoration Tel: +44(0)1243 372646

Black Forest Musical Clocks:

Without a doubt, the best man in the business with the knowledge and experience to bring your flotenspieluhr, trumpeter or any other Clock  to the fore is Mr Frank Snyder of New Jersey, USA

Frank also specialises in the rebuilding of the organ section of Organ Cylinder Music Boxes and offers a top quality service programme for your instruments.

Frank Snyder
Email: .
Tel: 908 246 9273
318 Cokesbury Rd,
Lebanon, New Jersey

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