investmentMost of our clients and discerning fellow collectors are primarily motivated by the emotional rush of collecting, followed by the subsequent reflection and appreciation of the music the instrument will ultimately deliver.

Thoughts of any potential gains or losses are usually superseded by more pressing issues such as ‘Will it look good in our home’ or ‘Does it fit into my collection’. Whilst these questions are important, further questions arise from an investing stand point such as, ‘Is it an honest and original item’ and ‘How does it equate to other comparable pieces’.

Knowledgeable collectors understand that, unlike stocks or bonds, no two antique musical boxes are the same – even if they are remarkably similar to the untrained eye. The skill of the craftsmen, the strength and popularity of the design, the results of a distinctive history, usually including at least one restoration, and above all the sound, make each piece unique. Recognising and appreciating these differences is essential.

This is why either educating yourself or acquiring pieces from a trusted source such as Silvertone Music Boxes is so important. Doing so may not provide giant profits, but it is the best way to avoid almost certain loss. 

Buying blind without any insight into the many factors that determine its value is an unnecessary and avoidable gamble.

While no one can predict the future and what the market might favour, our decades of experience has shown that, on the whole, properly restored and accurately vetted rare and unusual musical boxes have always outperformed average or compromised pieces, no matter the prevailing economic climate.

There is always room at the top, and if we credit a disc or cylinder box with our Silvertone name, you can be confident you are purchasing a supreme example with a buy back guarantee.


A music box is far more than a decorative object, it’s a combination of form and function, a complex spring driven movement housed in a decorative case. If done well it is both aesthetically pleasing and plays with good grace.

There are many variations in the mechanical nature of these instruments and since each piece has numerous parts there is always a chance that something was lost or replaced. There is also a strong likelihood that they have undergone at least one restoration.

Our experience gives us the ability to recognise the good, restorable instruments and allows us to offer only the finest examples to our customers.


We understand the subtleties of the restoration process and recognise both the benefits of a good restoration and the ramifications of a bad one.

We feel a good restoration makes the piece look as though it was well-cared for through the centuries and that small dents, dings and worn areas are not imperfections that need to be fixed, but the marks of history and an affirmation of age.

Any musical instruments sold by us, with the Silvertone accreditation will be in excellent working order. Other instruments we may be offering will be given an accurate description as to their current operational status.

For further details, or if you have any questions, please feel free to call 07774 418 706 / 07905 554 830 or email:

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