Nicole Freres – Forte Piano Music Box c1870


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Nicole Freres. Forte Piano music box c1870:

S/N 41346 with a 45cm cylinder, playing 8 airs (as listed on original tune sheet).

The forte comb is crisp & bright, by contrast the piano comb is soft and mellow with a liquid resonance.

This enhances the expression to give a wonderful sublime harmony effect. Light opera tune programme mostly Giuseppe Verdi.

From Mark’s private collection where it has resided for the last 15 years, prior to that 30 years in the company of a well respected collector.

Great shape mechanically, no damage or past repairs to the combs, pins good, etc. At some point the case lid has undergone a barely noticeable repair to one corner of the banding along with a slight warp. But this does not detract in any way from this wonderful and exceptional box. . . .

Time for some one else to enjoy . . . £4950

Contact: Mark on 07905 554 830 or Steve on 07774 418 706



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