Nicole Frères Grand Format Piano Forte Overture Music Box (NOW SOLD)


Grand Format Piano Forte Musical Box by Nicole Frères, playing four overtures. Gamme no.1362.

The brass bedplate stamped Nicole Frères a Geneve, and both combs Nicole Frères, with lever-wind, three-winged governor and silvered tune program, engraved for T. Cox, Savory & Co., 54 Cornhill, London,

Housed in a brass-strung rosewood veneered case with canted corners and plinth feet. It is inlaid to front and lid with geometric design of foliate-engraved pierced brass scrolls, flowers, mother-of-pearl, pink and pale blue enamelling.

The cylinder is 29′ x 16 3/4″ x 4 (diameter).

The two combs contain approx. 240 teeth and tunes are pinned to play for just under three minutes.

The musical box dates from c. 1854

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