Colibri Box – The only known example of the very special box!



Colibri Box. Colibri: French for Hummingbird, and we believe this to be the only example of this most unusual Singing Bird in existence. It’s the opinion of one or two aficionados that it was more than likely built for an exhibition.

The bird sings 5 different songs, as listed on the original Ami Rivenc tune-sheet. However, not through bellows, or pipes, but the whole song comes from two super fine combs, so tuned as to imitate birdsong.

The centre of the cylinder has very fine organ type bridging, this actuates the mechanism that operates the birds tail, wings, and beak which are synchronised to it’s song. This box has had but 3 previous owners, and enjoys crisp, untouched condition and is presented in perfect working order.

A must for the discerning collector.

From Marks private collection. . . . . £9950

Contact: Mark on 07905 554 830 or Steve on 07774 418 706


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