Museum Monopoli

Translated by the Editor from the original French text, as drafted by Renato Monopoli and I apologise if I have made any mistakes!


This museum was created in 1989 after inheriting Heirlooms and Objects D’art that belonged to my family, along with additional items for which I fell in love, such as Mechanical Pianos, Automata, Polyphons, Horse-Drawn Carriages and related Horse-Drawn Vehicles

Of Italian origin, from the region of Apulia, I was born Monopoli, to large family of notaries, from whom I inherited Ancestral Paintings, some Horse-Drawn Carriages (including the Car of my Great-Grandfather) and other Collectables and Objects to form the collection, all visible today at the Monopoli Museum. To complement the collection, a collection of  Mechanical and Electrical Window Display Automata Machines has been added.

I settled in Belgium where I housed all these beautiful objects, in a barn that I renovated.

One day came the idea of ​​sharing all these passions with my friends, my entourage and finally to everyone who showed an interest in my passions -Consequently, the museum was born!

Mission Statement

The main feature of the museum is the perfect state of operation of all the objects found there. How can you share a passion for the mechanical piano, if it is not in perfect working order? How you listen to a beautiful Polyphon Music box if it does not work? How do you explain to young people that Automatons were originally made to draw the attention of the public in the display windows if they do not work?

Entry to the Museum is free because my goal is not to make a business , but rather to share my passions!


You can see from the Museum Website that there have been Radio & TV programs highlighting the museum and we continue to receive positive feedback from visitors to the collection. The Museum website address is