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About UsWe are all about Antique Musical Boxes, Musical Clocks and any other item of mechanical music we get a buzz from. We hope, through our website, you too will be able to share our fascination and appreciation of these early technologies, a craft that involved much dedication in it’s evolution & design. Many pieces, far from being built to serve a purpose and actually are great works of art, created by great technical and musical genius of the day. Our aim is to reach out and bring much of the fun, thrills and hard earned knowledge to others.

If you wish to buy an antique music box, as a collector or a one off investment, you have come to the right people. Between Mark Singleton & Steve Greatrex we have over 80 years joint experience in this field, so we know our way around. Primarily we are collectors, on hand to help and encourage with advice, understanding, and hopefully we can impart a little education in this, our life’s passion. Whether you are a total novice or well seasoned collector, we would love to hear from you regarding technical or academic queries, restoration v conservation issues, wish lists or downsizing your collection. No question too small, no disposal too large.

If you wish to sell your antique music box, or entire collection, we can help achieve this in a cost effective manner with minimum of fuss. If it’s suitable for either of our personal collections, or for our stock, we often buy outright. Alternatively you may host your instruments here. Operating on a minimal 10% commission we are considerably more competitive than auction disposal, and having  specialist knowledge, we aim to achieve the optimal price for you.

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